Freakin’ Sweet Vacation Rental Manager

Freakin’ Sweet Vacation Rental Manager (FSVR Manager) is a plugin that leverages the power of HomeAway’s EscapiaNET API to bring mobile-friendly, responsive property pages, searching and booking to your WordPress powered site. As Escapia users, we know there is a desperate need for mobile friendly booking through the Escapia service. FSVR Manager gives customers a seamless mobile booking experience starting from their initial search to browsing photos and info to ultimately booking their stay.



WordPress powers roughly 25% of the internet. Your site is likely using it right now. FSVR Manager is a WordPress plugin that quickly turns your site into a mobile-friendly booking experience for your customers.


FSVR Manager’s responsive design adjusts to any screen size. This allows your customers to book your properties right from their tablet or smart phone or from the desktop or laptop, all through a cohesive easy-to-use interface.


FSVR Manager is very easy to set up. Just install and activate the plugin, input your EscapiaNET credentials and all your vacation rentals will be listed for you to review. Add just the ones you want to show up on your site or click one button to add them all. You will immediately have responsive mobile-friendly property pages that can be searched, browsed, and booked.


Easily search all the vacation rentals you are managing through Escapia that have been added to your WordPress site. If a new house has been added to Escapia, it won’t show up until all the information is ready. Once it is, just click a button to add it to WordPress and it will be live.


Easily browse photos with a swipe of a finger or the click of a mouse. All vacation rental information and photos are pulled directly from HomeAway’s EscapiaNET API, so they are always up to date and easy to view.


Escapia provides the default booking pages, but they aren’t mobile- friendly. Many vacation rental companies have put in the extra effort to make their site mobile-friendly, but at the end of the booking process the customer is still thrown into a non mobile-friendly Escapia booking page. With FSVR Manager the booking page is just as responsive as the rest of your site which provides a seamless booking experience.

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This plugin has given us the ability to enhance our website without losing control over the content. It has made our booking engine seamlessly integrated with mobile devices. We’re so happy to finally have a website that can serve the growing needs of our customers. "
Kathy Bonelli - Owner of Paso Robles Vacation Rentals

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Who We Are

Becky Allwine

Becky Allwine

Customer Service

Becky has worked in the vacation rental industry for the last 5 years doing just about everything; house keeping, reservations, accounting, marketing, you name it. She’s been using Escapia the whole time, so she knows the ins and outs of the software. She was instrumental in the success of FSVR Manager as John often had no idea where a certain piece of information was and could quickly iterate and test with Becky there to handle the Escapia side of things.

John Allwine

John Allwine

Lead Developer

John has dabbled in many different projects. Throughout high school and college John worked for O’Reilly Media doing web development in perl and python. After college he worked at Dreamworks Animation for several years as an effects artist on films such as How To Train Your Dragon, Megamind and Madagascar 3. He left Dreamworks to pursue ideas of his own dabbling in 3D printing and iOS development. Soon he will be teaching at MSU in the computer science department. After years of hearing his wife’s frustration about Escapia’s lack of mobile capabilities, he decided to make FSVR Manager.



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Maggie keeps us on an even keel. She makes sure we make it outside every once in a while for a walk. She also is ok with sleeping in much later than we should. Her playfulness and exuberance is an important part of what keeps us going.

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